No Mount Cave Diving

No Mount Cave Diving In Wisconsin

No mount cave diving is extreme diving.

It is mostly what the name suggests, diving with out a mounted scuba set. This is a configuration that allows for  maximum penetration of tight sections of underwater caves and crevices.

With this configuration, diving tanks are not mounted. This  allows divers to easily passed them through tight spots ahead of them to  decrease the about of space needed to pass through extremely tight areas.  It is easy to see how no mount diving offers even more flexibility/access to tight spaces than a sidemount configuration.

This is the type of cave diving that involves navigating underwater passages of a cave that are so small that a diver can not mount tanks on his/her back.

Helmet Off Cave Diving

Helmet off to squeeze through

In this particular video the divers are seen entering a subterranean cave in what seems like a most unlikely entry point,  through a small crevice from which a stream flows.

I couldn’t imagine being in such a tight space. One of the divers had to remove his helmet just to squeeze through the rocks.

These passages are so small that just viewing the video can make you feel uncomfortably claustrophobic.

Watch these divers navigate this subterranean cave at Castle Rock Fennimore, WI. Every time I watch it I keep asking myself – Why?

Image Source: YouTube Clips, 2

DIVE TALK’s reaction and comments about this no mount cave diving video.

Watch below to see their reaction and comments about this dive

“Divers React to No Mount Cave Diving” – YouTube video by DIVE TALK

Image Source: YouTube Clips, 2

[Updated 12/9/2022]

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