World Records Made Underwater [videos]

The  following list of underwater wold records demonstrates the limits achieved thus far by the properly trained.

I have heard the saying that “wold records are made to be broken”.  Apparently this is a true statement if you reflect on the fact that each record achieved is surpassed, if ever so slightly, by someone else eventually.  Food for thought…

This post presents underwater records as featured in a post by Megan Denny.  They include:

Longest Underwater Swim on one Breath – Male ( 2016) – PADI AmbassaDiver Carlos Coste set this open water record by swimming 580 feet in 3 minutes 5 seconds in Kralendijk Bonaire.  His record swim beat a previous record of 492 feet set in 2010.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Longest Underwater Swim  on One Breath – Female (2016) – this record was set in Bonaire as well by Maria Kazankova. She accomplished an open water swim of 505 feet .

Read further for more records below:

Deepest Pool (2014)
When “Deep Joy” Y-40 opened in 2014, it surpassed Nemo 33 as the world’s deepest diving pool. Located in the Hotel Terme Millepini in Padua, Italy, Y-40 is 131 feet (40 meters) deep. It includes underwater caves, platforms at various depths, and a viewing tunnel for non-divers. In 2017, freediver Guillaume Néry performed a single breath-hold dive to the very bottom of the pool …

Deepest Scuba Dive – Male (2014)
PADI® Instructor Ahmed Gabr holds the world record for deepest scuba dive. Gabr trained for four years before the attempt, which culminated in a dive to 1090 feet (332 meters).  …

Deepest Dive Female Freshwater (2004) and Saltwater (2015)
Verna van Schaik (South Africa) holds the world record for deepest female scuba dive. In 2004, she dived to 725 feet (221 meters) in a freshwater cave in South Africa. Her descent took approximately 12 minutes, while the ascent took five hours and 22 minutes. ….

Longest Underwater Live Broadcast (2017)
The world’s longest live broadcast underwater took place in May 2017 at The Atlantis Hotel aquarium. According to Gulf News, the English-language radio station Channel 4 broadcast underwater for nearly five and a half hours.

Scuba Diving in 115 Countries (2013)

PADI Pro Karin Sinniger dove her way into the record books in February 2013 alongside an ocean-swimming elephant. Her underwater experience took place in India, the 115th country where she had logged a dive.

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These are only a small sampling of the various underwater records being made. Believe it or not,  there are records for such feats as : The most bricks karate chopped underwater, Rubix cube solved the fastest underwater.  There is even a record for the most catches juggling three balls underwater.

Read Megan Denny’s post here on  for more details.


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