What Happens When A Skydiver is a Scubadiver?

Well, how about an expedition where you skydive to scuba-dive?

Yep folks, we now have scuba skydiving. Would you believe that you can go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef directly form your helicopter?

So it works like this. You take a helicopter from an airport, fly out over the ocean and the Barrier Reef.  Now wearing only a mask, snorkel and fins and of-course a parachute as well as clothing of sorts you leap off the helicopter and sky dive from the helicopter.

If that isn’t fun enough, you pull your cords to deploy your parachute and glide to the surface and swim below it to retrieve and mount your scuba tanks and continue your adventure scuba diving the Barrier Reefs… What a trip!

Enjoy the following video for first-hand look at how this is done.


Image Source: Youtube Clip

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