Whale Seeks Help and Thanks Boaters (Video)

A group  of fishermen from Syndey, Australia were able to film what happened when a distressed whale seemingly asked for their help.

Michael Riggio and Iban Iskenderian reported that they noticed a whale that seemed to linger around their boats as if to seek attention.  After some time the fishermen noticed that there was some type of garbage bag/s and fishing-lines that were cough on the whales head.  Additionally, the whale kept presenting its head near the boats as if to ask them to remove it.

Whale Seeks Help

The whale repeatedly presented its head for help, but the other boat was too high in the water for anyone to grab the debris form the whale. It eventually raised its head  to a smaller/lower to the water boat that Michael and Ivan were on and they were able to successfully remove the bag and fishing line from the whales head.

The whale appeared to thank them with a gentle slap on the water in appreciation before swimming off.

Watch this amazing video on the next page below.

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