Wetsuit Cleaning Made Easier [Video]

How to wash a wetsuit- Rinse Hanger

Your wetsuit can last for years if it is properly cared for.  This device can make washing your wetsuit a whole lot easier.

It goes without saying that a wetsuit should be washed to remove the sand, grass and dirty stuff.  However, the real question is how to wash a wetsuit easier?

As we all know, the basic requirements for proper care of you wetsuit involves a thorough rinsing with warm/cold water.  The process can be rather cumbersome because you must thoroughly rinse it, both inside and out.

The Rinse Hanger as featured in the video below makes rinsing your wetsuit so much easier.  You simply hang the wetsuit, rinse it off and use the quick connector to connect the water supply and thoroughly rinse the inside while it hangs, then leave it to dry on the Rinse Hanger and you are done.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is.

Images Source: YouTubeClips

The Rinse Hanger Kit includes the Rinse includes the Rinse Hanger body, a removable hook and cap assembly, a quick connector set, and a screw-eye.

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