Underwater Geocaching For Scuba Divers

Underwater geocaching can add more adventure to your dive trips, especially if you are a diver that enjoys the thrill of a hunt.

Geocaching is basically treasure-hunting game where you use a GPS (on land) or a compass (underwater) to find hidden objects.  The idea is to use your navigational skills to locate and identify what is called “treasure”.

These so-called treasures for underwater geocaching is usually located within a box that contains waterproof paper  for you to log your name and date of discovery. As well as various types of small objects which you can take and exchange for others to find later.

This underwater game is fun for divers of all skill levels and is apparently becoming more popular.  There are even websites and Facebook pages where you can enter your findings as well as post the latest updates about the condition of each cache. These websites also post dive-site names and tips for finding caches.

In the following video a diver locates the cache and leaves his mark.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Read more about underwater geocaching for scuba divers here at scubadiverlife.com

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