Underwater Gardening For Scuba Divers [Video]

Nemo's Underwater Garden

Combine your passions for scuba diving and gardening.

A group of Italian divers in the Ocean Reef Group have successfully been able to create underwater gardens (Nemo’s Garden) in what you could call a series of underwater balloons or biospheres.

This is a novel idea as described in the video below. The idea is to take advantage of the constant temperatures of a large body of water as well as the naturally penetrating sun’s rays to produce a safe and pest-free environment for growing crops.

Watch the following video for an informative overview of what this underwater farming project is all about.

H/T – “The Italian Farm That Is 8 Meters Below the Sea” –  YouTube Clips

It was discovered that plants sprout and grow very well and often faster than they would otherwise grow on the surface. This technology opens the possibility for growing plants in regions where it is difficult to grow plants.

The following video illustrates how this project uses naturally occurring scientific principles to grow crops underwater.



Images Source: YouTube Clips


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