Uncontrolled Ascent Emergency [Video]

What is the likelihood of something like this happening while scuba diving?

While diving a fellow diver noticed his diving buddy flipping around and performing what would be considered weird diving movements. It looked like he was just playing around, but upon further observation and a little forethought the possibility that something was wrong came to mind. So his diver buddy decided to swim over to see if there was some kind of problem.

As his dive buddy swam over the diver in distress the diver pointed to his weight belt on the bottom of the ocean ( It apparently fell off while he was adjusting it). Fortunately for this diver his buddy was at the top of his game and was able to skillfully rescue him from a rapid ascent and possible de compression illness and deploy his DSMB to mark his location…

Watch how this emergency and rescue played out in the video below.

Below for a video about how to perform a Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA)

Performing A CESA is certainly safer than the uncontrolled emergency ascent discussed earlier. This video does indicate how a CESA could potentially become an uncontrolled ascent as well.

Watch the video below for insights.

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