Two Scuba Divers Almost Eaten Alive By Whales

Two scuba divers found themselves in the path of feeding humpback whales.

The humpback whales were using a bubble fishing technique to corral a school of  anchovies.  This technique involves the whales  first corralling a school of fish towards the surface in a tight mass.  Next the whales lunge through the mass in a coordinated fashion with their mouths wide open to swallow as many fish as they can.

It is easy to see how these divers, which happened to be in heir paths, could have easily ended up in the whales mouth.

Watch the amazing video clip of this frightening event below.


See below for another account of a cameraman’s close call with a feeding whale..

In the following clip a diver ( underwater cameraman, Rainer Schimph ) is almost swallowed by a large whale.  He was documenting the sardine run of the coast of South Africa at the time.

Watch the clip below to see how quickly and numbly this whale avoided swallowing him.

Image Source: YouTube Clips

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