Tips For Preparing For Your Next Dive

Scuba Diving Tips

A great dive trip takes planning and preparation for both you and your equipment.

Have your Gear Serviced. It goes without saying that your gear should be serviced. Most diving gear like tanks, BCs, lights and computers need annual servicing to function correctly. Therefore, it goes without saying that you should have your gear inspected and serviced by your local dive shop.

Keep your diving equipment clean and dry. Make sure to properly clean and dry your gear with each use. Remember to keep your gear out of direct sunlight to minimize the damaging effects of sunlight.

The next tip is to re-read your manuals and re-acquaint yourself with your equipment. It might not be a bad idea to consider a refresher course, especially if you haven’t been diving for a while.

Always use a checklist to avoid leaving something behind. You don’t want to travel half way around the world on a remote liveaboard and discover that you left a piece of key equipment behind.

The last tip is to stay healthy. You will want to stay out of the head by taking the following guidelines into consideration for food and water.

Often Safe Avoid
Drinking Bottled and canned drinks; Drinks made with boiled water; Pasteurized milk from sealed bottles; Liquor without ice Tap water and fountain drinks; Freshly squeezed juice or ice pops; Ice; Beer and wine on tap
Eating Dry food (e.g., bread or crackers); Factory-sealed canned and bottled foods; Produce you wash and peel yourself Salads or food from salad bars or buffets; Produce not washed or peeled yourself; Unpasteurized dairy
Washing Brushing teeth with bottled or boiled water; Washing hands with clean water and soap; Alcohol-based hand sanitizer Brushing teeth with tap water; Not washing hands, not using soap; Washing hands in contaminated water
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