These 5 Animals Could Defeat A Killer Whale

These 5 Animals Could Defeat A Killer Whale

Orcas, also known as killer whales are unquestionably apex predators. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be defeated. Here are five animals could defeat a killer whale.

Just being an apex predator does not mean that an orca doesn’t have to “stay in their lane” and can indiscriminately take down just any marine life. Yes, even these apex predators must use their intelligence to choose their prey.

The following clip breaks down the five animals which are considered to be great opponents against lone orcas.

The list of 5 formidable opponents to a lone orca includes the: sperm whale, great white shark, blue whale, humpback whale and colossal squid.

Watch the following clip. It does a great job of describing how each of these animals protects themselves as compared to the abilities of orcas.

“5 Animals That Could Defeat A Killer Whale” – YouTube video by WildCiencias

Interesting clip, some of it is a bit speculative, but well thought out and presented.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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