The Revenge of The Orcas and Its not a Movie

Orcas Attack Boats

Orcas may associate boats with the removal of their food source (fish) … and so they continue to attack and ravage sailboats off the coast of Spain and Portugal.

Yet again here is another recent attack by orcas on a sailboat. In this case a pod of 30 killer whales attacked the sail boat. They smashed into the boat for more than two hours before finally biting off the rudder and swimming away.

Fortunately the boat was able to limp back to port at the southern edge of Spain. Unfortunately tho the vessel was deemed too damaged to use.

Watch the video footage of this event in the clip below.

“Terrifying moment British crew are attacked by a pod of 30 killer whales | SWNS” – YouTube video by SWNS

The Orca Issue explained – Watch below

“The Orca Issue – Sailing Equus Adventure Episode 6” – YouTube video by Sailing Equus

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2

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