The Need for Mini Scuba Tanks Solved by SMACO

SMACO - Mini Scuba Tanks

Mini scuba tanks are very popular for recreational diving, yacht maintenance, lobstering, treasure hunting, fossil hunting, etc.

SMACO, one of the top suppliers of small gas cylinders, currently offers mini scuba tanks in 4 different sizes of 0.5L/0.7L/1L and 2L.

While mini scuba tanks are not intended to replace full-sized scuba tanks, they do have a place in recreational diving as well as certain underwater activities such as those highlighted below.

Mini Scuba Tanks are ideal for:

  • When you need to dive underwater for a few minutes.
  • Great for boaters that need to unanchor or inspect a hull.
  • Enhancing the snorkeling experiences.
  • A backup air supply for experienced divers.

Most importantly for us, SMACO mini scuba tanks can serve as a backup air supply for divers. Mini tanks provide the added safety of additional oxygen with minimal added weight to your current scuba a setup.

Ozzy Safa takes us along on a dive as he demonstrates and discusses his use of the SMACO tank. Watch it below.

“” – YouTube video by Ozzy Safa

Whether you are a professional diving enthusiast or a diving beginner; if the idea of using a mini scuba tank is new to you there are many SMACO mini tank reviews available to help you in your selection.

In the following clip Alec Peirce Scuba reviews the SMACO Scuba System. Watch it below.

“Scuba Tech Tips: SMACO Mini Scuba System – Is It Worth It? – S11E11” – YouTube video by Alec Peirce Scuba

SMACO Mini Scuba Tank Sizes:

The SMACO S300 Plus Mini Cylinder is a 0.5-liter mini diving bottle that allows you to breathe underwater for 5 to 10 minutes. The SMACO S400 Mini Cylinder adds additional capacity and dive time. It has a 1L capacity which is enough to last about 15 to 20 minutes underwater. Where as, the SMACO S700 2L Mini Scuba Tank has a capacity of 2L and can be used for about 20-25 minutes (540 underwater breaths at full capacity)

Refilling SMACO Mini Tanks

These SMACO mini tanks can be easily refilled in any one of 3 ways.

Hand Pump: Manually pump up to refill, fill up in about 10 minutes or more depending on cylinder size and your physical condition.

Refill adapter: use an adapter for refills. This technique allows for super fast and easy re-fills from larger cylinders. 

Electronic pump: Refill via electric air pump. (DOT certified)

Mini Cylinders( dive tanks) certainly have their place in underwater diving. However, as with all underwater diving equipment, we must not overlook the need for proper training before using these devices.

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Images Source: YouTube Videos 1, 2

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