The Fear OF Sharks Is Real, But Should It Be?

The Fear of sharks

The fear of sharks is often at the top of the list when it comes to things most people fear. Lets look at the fear of sharks objectively.

The only way to compeletly avoid your fear of sharks is to just not get in the ocean. Especially in known areas where sharks frequent. That being said, life is to be lived and there is nothing like enjoying the surf and underwater worlds that surround us.

Perhaps a better, and the best, approach is to weigh the odds and like everyting else in life, take the claculated risk. With sharks the odds are really in your favor of not being attacked. As Tierney points out in the clip below … more people were injured using a toilet bowl (1996) than by sharks .

So lets educate ourselves about the statistics and what causes our fears. You will find the following clip below very informative and also somewhat entertaining.

Let’s take a candid look at why we should and should not be afraid of sharks. in the clip below.

“” – YouTube video by BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

Being practical …. One of the ways, as pointed out in the video below, to get over fears is by a combination of education and slow introduction, or controlled encounters with your fear.

In the short clip below Tierney explains how to begin to get over the fear of sharks.

“” – YouTube Video by Animal Jam

Feel free to share with us how you manage your fear of sharks. 🙂

Images Source: YouTueb Clips 1, 2

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