The Andrea Doria Is Extreme Wreck Diving [video]

The Andrea Doria is often referred to as the Mt. Everest of Wreck Diving.

A 64 year old scuba diver disappeared during a dive at the SS Andrea Doria.  Apparently he just disappeared after the 20-foot decompression stop Tuesday (7/21/2015), this according to a fellow diver.

The Andrea Doria went down on July 26, 1965 taking the lives of about 46 people when it collided withe the Stockholm.  She now lies off the coast of Massachusetts under about 24o feet of cold water that is known for strong currents. This wreck has claimed the lives of seven scuba divers and 4 divers are known to have been injured diving the Andrea Doria since 2005

The Andrea Doria is a popular attraction for advanced scuba divers.  There are deeper and more historic wreck, but the Andrea Doria captures the attention of the most daring wreck divers. The allure of the Doria is a combination of the dive’s difficulty (dark and very cold water with unpredictable currents with depths of up to 250ft) as well as  its well publicized luxury appointments such as valuable and ornate china, crystal and silverware.

This was the dive that inspired re-writing the rules of wreck diving back in the day.

Read on for more details about diving this wreck.

The Andrea Doria, known as “the Mount Everest of wreck diving,” per, lies 240 feet underwater some 60 nautical miles southeast of Nantucket. It’s a popular attraction for advanced divers, but officials note recreational divers shouldn’t attempt a visit. Seven people have died and four have been injured while diving there since 2005. In addition to the deep waters that preserve the 697-foot vessel—which took at least 46 lives when it collided with the Stockholm almost exactly 59 years ago—the wreck itself poses a risk to divers as sections of it have been known to collapse. On top of that, “here in New England, water temperatures are especially cold and there are strong currents, especially around our shores and islands,”

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Original news footage of the Anrea Doria’s sinking narrated by Tony Randell.

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Watch a 2019 Andrea Doria expedition aboard the Ol Salty II in the clip below. This expedition had great conditions.

“Andrea Doria 2019 Expeditions aboard the Ol Salty II” – YouTube video by Dan Wright

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Divers… this amazing Narrated Andrea Wreck Diving video done by a professional scuba diver.

Watch the following video for a narrated tour by an experienced diver of what it is like to dive the Andrea Doria wreck

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[updated 1/2/2021]


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  • Andrea Doria sank in the night between July 25, 1956, and July 26, 1956. When she sank, she had 1,134 passengers and 572 crew members, and her captain was Piero Calamai. She was sailing in the Atlantic Ocean. Her path was from Genoa, Italy, to New York, in the United States.

  • Some one has already corrected you on the date of sinking. 56 not 65 . I happened to be on the uscg cutter Owasco and witnessed the vessel sink. She was laying on her starboard side and slipped under bow first. The rudder and propeller was the last thing visible. CWO EF Williams uscg ret.

    • Thanks for the comments... If there is anything else that you can share it would be greatly appreciated as well. :)

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