Tempting Fate With The Seas Most Dangerous Marine Life

Diving With Dangerous Marine Life

Extreme performer, Ryan Stock, becomes a human guinea pig to test just how far the human body can go with some of the most dangerous marine life known to man.

Yea so , Stock along with this partner Amber Lynn Walker are known to travel in search of challenges to test the limits of pain, endurance, hypothermia and more.

In the following clip they test, or shall I say, tempt just how far we can go with poisonous sea anemone, aggressive moray eels and giant squid.

Naturally, he goes about it with what he considers protection. Just look at the armor he dives with and his tethering ( so as to not be dragged down to the depths) when interacting with giant humboldt squid.

All of this is still kind of crazy in my book. But as they say, learn what you can from other’s mistakes. Stock must love pain because he goes for it. Especially looking for his first humboldt squid attack.

Watch what happens as Stock interacts with some of the most dangerous marine life known to man in the video clip below.

“This Man Survived A Giant Squid Attack In The Deep Ocean | Guinea Pig S1 EP7 | Wonder” – YouTube Clip by Wonder

While most of us are happy just maintaining our distance form these animals. Stock just wants them to challenge him. I guess that is why its enough to just watch him tempt fate vicariously by video.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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