Swim With Sharks – Overcoming The Fear Of Sharks

Swim With Sharks - Overcoming The Fear Of Sharks

4 out of 10 people are afraid to swim with sharks in the ocean due to their fear of sharks. This is not surprising when most people’s exposure to sharks has been exclusively the images of sharks as portrayed in Hollywood thriller movies.

In reality, the likelihood of being attacked by a shark is around 1 in 11.5 million. Whereas the chance of getting struck by lightening is 1 in 1 million. In other words, the chance of getting attacked by a shark is extremely rare. Therefore, It is an understatement to say that sharks are severely misunderstood. However, fears continue to prevail for most.

The following clip examines the true nature of sharks and the threats they present to us. In this clip Mike Coots, a shark attack survivor, explains how he was attacked by a shark and lost his leg ( at 18) during the attack and yet became a shark conservationist.

In this clip Mike invites a group of divers out to Hawaii to challenge/face their fear of sharks. They are able to use Mikes knowledge and experiences with sharks to overcome their fears of swimming with sharks. It wasn’t exactly easy, but they did it, to their amazement.

Watch this short clip to see how easy it is/isn’t to overcome your fear of sharks and actually swim cage less with them.

“Swimming with the World’s Deadliest Shark” – YouTube video By Yes Theory

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