Surface Dangers Often Overlooked By Divers

Surface Dangers

Its easy to assume that the least dangerous portion of a dive is being on the surface. However, it isn’t. For whatever reason surface dangers are easily overlooked by most divers.

The dangers associated with being on the surface are easy to overlook. It’s easy to forget that the dive begins before actually entering the water and doesn’t end until you are back on the boat or safely ashore.

Perhaps its the assumed safety of being out of the water without the need to depend on SCUBA gear for breathing. However, as James of Divers Ready explains, the time at the surface is more dangerous than the time spent below the surface

The clip below highlights the many often overlooked dangers of bein on the surface. These dangers include the possibility of being run over by boats (including the dive boat), being stranded and the inappropriate use of scuba gear that leads to flotation problems and difficulty swimming (drowning).

Watch the clip below. James of Divers Ready does a great job of breaking down the potential hazards for scuba divers at the surface. He also shares six best pieces of advice for safety while at the surface.

“Good Surface Habits For Scuba Divers” – YouTube video by Divers Ready

The video was very inciteful and really drives the point home about the hidden dangers lurking at the surface for scuba divers.

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