Sharks Love Affection

Its hard to believe, but apparently sharks seem to love affection..

The following clip can serve as proof that sharks can be affectionate creatures. In this clip a diver describes his 20 year relationship with a tiger shark called Emma.

He considers sharks to be sentient animals and compares Emma to being like a big labrador retriever. The following video was filled after over a year of not being able to dive (pandemic restrictions). As you can see Emma clearly remembers him and this provides further support to the theory that sharks have feelings and the ability to remember things for long periods of time.

Information like this can go along way at improving the human-shark rift.

Watch their interaction in the following video clip.

“Wild Shark Recognizes Human Best Friend After They Were Separated For A Year | The Dodo Soulmates” – YouTube video by The Dodo

After watching this clip it is easy to see how we can easily become judgmental and actually dangerous when we misunderstand the larger picture.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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