Sharks Are Terrified of Dolphins

Ever wonder why Sharks are so afraid of dolphins?

Dolphins, as playful as they are, are very efficient fighters. They are very intelligent, travel in pods and an attack on any one of them quickly provokes a swift counter-attack by their entire pod. Furthermore, dolphins are very quick and agile with mouths full of teeth and heads built like and used as battering-rams.

A pod of dolphins is quite capable of easily defeating even the largest of sharks. Dolphin attacks on sharks involves each member of the pod simultaneously using their heads as the very efficient battering-rams which they are to strategically ram into a shark’s gills and underparts easily causing serious injury and incapacitation.

It is easy to see why even the largest of sharks, tend to just avoid , if not flee a pod of dolphins.

The following YouTube Video presents a great explanation of the often not thought of abilities of dolphins to defend themselves.

“Why are sharks afraid of dolphins?” – Wonders of the World YouTube Video

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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