Shark Seeks Help From Divers [video]

It is rare, but the following post chronicles a story about how an injured shark sought out a group of divers for help.

The divers at Stuart Cove’s take scuba divers on daily controlled shark diving expeditions in the Bahamas.  On one of their trips out they noticed a particular shark that was in extreme duress due to a large line around her body.  Unfortunately they were unable to assist the shark on this dive.  However, on a subsequent dive they were prepared with a knife to assist.  Miraculously, the shark appeared and approached them in a subdued manner and positioned herself such that they were able to remove the rope.

Shark Seeks Help

Image Source: YouTube Clip

The rope was impaling into the shark’s gills…. Not a good thing.

Shark Seeks Help

Image Source: YouTube Clip

Watch the following video for more details as well as to see how this encounter played out.

Imges Sourfe: YouTube Clips


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  • Well done.
    Typical divers - looking after the undersea environment & the life within !!!!!
    Sharks are my favourite fish.

  • I'm sorry but certifies divers are instructed to always carry a cutting tool of some sort, Scissors or knife are mostly recommended. This is in case you find yourself caught up in fishing line and such. Why wouldn't this group of divers have 1 amoung them let alone the Dive shops guide seeing as how this do this all the time?

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