Shark Attacks – A Level Headed Review of Contributing Factors

As devastating and heartbreaking as fatal shark attacks are, its sometime hard to keep in mind the circumstances around these incidents.

There was a recent fatal shark encounter outside of Sydney Australia in an area thought to be safe from sharks. Simon Nellist’s fatal encounter with a great white shark at Little Bay, south of Sydney, was very disturbing locally and worldwide. This incident happened on a very popular beach that was considered “safe” (there were no prior fatal shark attacks for almost 60 years at the location).

Watch the following clip for more about this unfortunate and heartbreaking event.

“Simon Nellist killed in shark attack at Little Bay, south of Sydney | 7NEWS” – YouTube video by 7NEWS Australia

A review of probable factors in shark attacks and considerations for keeping safe.

We all know there are always risks when entering the ocean. However, it is very easy to overlook the many different mitigating circumstances around such events. In fact, we often do.

In the following video clip by TheMalibu Artist, Carlos, breaks down the circumstances of this tragic event and provides a plausible and level headed evaluation of contributing factors that should be considered when trying to answer our ” Why?” questions about these attacks.

Watch Carlos’ level headed evaluation of contributing factors to this encounter.

“Fatal Great White Shark Encounter in Australia-OCEAN TALKS” – YouTube video by TheMalibuArtist

Shark attacks are relatively rare, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the contributing factors. Stay knowledgeable and enjoy the water.

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2

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