Scuba Diving Sites Status Map

The folks at Travel PADI have created a Coronavirus(COVID-19) scuba Diving Status Map.

Dive operators, divers and the travel industry in general are currently faced with managing the unprecedented impact of COVID-19. There is a worldwide patchwork of interleaved and overlapping rules and regulations designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The complexity of this situation is further exacerbated by the fact that each country around the world has different rules and regulations that apply regionally, locally and for specific business types within their own borders.

As a result, the diving industry is in a real mess. I have even heard of local US based operators, where diving is “ok”, that are just calling it quits for the remainder of the year. As it was said, diving could require a lot of contact, sharing air, equipment and such and they wanted to take a “safety first” stance.

Everything as it relates to diving right now is in a state of flux and changing daily on a worldly basis. This makes planning dive trips very difficult, especially when international travel is involved.

Fortunately, I came across Travel PADI’s Coronavirus Scuba Diving Status Map. This map as a great tool to assess what is going on or not going on in diving around the world. The map displays the travel and diving restrictions for each country around the world.

Click here or the map below for the latest scuba diving status updates


You can use this map to get an idea of when and where you can travel & dive. Naturally, before you commit to any trips/travel you will have to do your own research to verify the latest statuses and information

Click here for the map.

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