Scuba Diving Simulator [Video]

Amphibian: Scuba Diving Simulator

Amphibian, as its called is, bridges the gap between virtual reality and scuba diving.

Dhruv Jain’s virtual reality project utilizes technology to simulate the experience of scuba diving.  Having completed 54 dives over a period of 10 months, Jain says that the diving experience is rejuvenating and almost spiritual experience.

Jain is partially deaf and the main idea behind this  project was to inspire an understanding of the liberating effects of disabilities.  To do this, he correlated the dulling  and warping of  sensations that are experienced while submerged/diving.  As he puts it, these dulling sensations leads to a sense of peace that can only be  felt under the weightlessness of diving.

He is a master of science candidate MIT Media Lab’s Living Mobile Group.

Watch the following video for more details about how this device works.

Images Source: YouTube Clips


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