Scuba Diving Is Like Yoga On Many Levels [Video]

Believe it or not, but Scuba diving and yoga share many of the same benefits.

Yoga practices tends to make one more centered/connected  or aware of their surroundings.  This state of awareness is triggered by a combination of breathing and physical body exercises.  In fact, the  slower breathing techniques taught by Yoga  is the key component of relaxing one’s physical and mental  states of being.

Relaxed Scuba Diver

It is easy to see how these breathing techniques lend themselves to proper/more efficient breathing habits for divers.

It is believed that practicing yoga as part of pre-dive preparation greatly enhances the overall diving experiences. In facet many  scuba locations are now including yoga (“Scuba Yoga” as a part of their services.

Additionally, as pointed out in the following video clip scuba diving Increases emotional well-being, Improves blood circulation, relieves stress, improves concentration,  increases strength & flexibility, great for developing friendships, provides a connection with nature, creates a sense of freedom and increases confidence and self-esteem.

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Read further about the similarities between scuba diving and yoga below:

Sure, yoga is known to be a spiritual practice to many, but the key and underlying principles to yoga actually teach slower breathing techniques and exercises, designed to relax your immediate mental and physical state. When scuba diving, these techniques, and exercises are essential in calming you before you hit the water, and once you are submerged, too. As you start to really hone in on these skills, your overall scuba diving experience will improve. You should start to notice your dives will last longer and generally become a lot more pleasant as your focus sharpens, soaking in much more of the dive. Committing to an ongoing yoga program will teach you to become aware of your irregular breathing patterns. This especially becomes useful when faced with unexpected challenges below the water’s surface. The point is to catch yourself doing this by becoming self-aware since breathing is something we do every day without even thinking. Being able to catch yourself breathing irregularly allows you to then be able to change your focus and concentrate on calming yourself by bringing your breaths to the centre of your attention again. This will, in turn, keep your mind alert and your body in a relaxed state to handle any sticky situations that may suddenly arise. …

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Watch the following video in HD for a glimpse of what an awesome experience diving can be when mastery is attained.

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