Scuba Diving Entry Techniques [Video]

Diving entry techniques are perhaps not one of the diving skills that you frequently think of, but in actuality they are pretty important.

This post is to help provide a little help and encouragement to brush up on your entry techniques. There are basically three entry techniques: shore entry, giant stride and back roll. There is also the  negative entry variation and the rarely used zodiac entry techniques. Naturally the chosen technique should depend upon your position relative to the waterline.

A shore entry is one of the simplest techniques to master with the main issue being maintenance of balance so as not to fall over. However if you are entering the surf from an elevated position such as a large boat or pier the giant stride technique is more suitable. From small boats a backroll entry is the suggested method of entry.

The following video demonstrates a very bad attempt at a bankroll entry… 

Continue on to the next page for tips to improve your scuba diving entry techniques.

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