Scuba Divers Learning The Skill Of Wreck Hunting

Archaeological Wreck Diving

The place – Utila, the task – learning archaeological wreck diving, the when – Summer 2021

Considering a new skill to tack on to your diving repertoire? How about looking into archaeological wreck hunting.

Archaeological wreck hunting would certainly add a different dimension to your scuba diving bucket list while at the same time allowing you to take part in preserving a bit of history.

In the clip below Mike Haigh, Project Director at Wreck Hunters, explains a new archaeological wreck hunting program that he is overseeing.

My favorite quote from this clip is : ” It is easier to teach a diver about archeology than teach an archaeologist to dive”. 🙂

Do you have what it takes to me a marine archaeologist?

Watch this clip below to see if marine archaeology is something that peaks your interest.

“” – YouTube clip by Scuba Diver Magazine

Marine archaeology is a field I never considered. Do you have any interest in putting your diving skills to work in marine archeology?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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