Scuba Divers Caught In Tsunami While Diving [Video]

Have you ever considered what would happen if you were scuba diving when a tsunami hit?

We all know how destructive tsunamis are on the surface, but imagine what would happen if you were actually scuba diving as a tsunami occurred.

Scuba Divers In Tsunami

The following video clip relives the experiences of as dive boat operator with 13 other divers, some of which were disabled. They were actually diving as the tsunami passed over them.

They describe the eerie moments before the tsunami approached them and the fish and other marine life began acting differently.

Watch these scuba divers survive a passing tsunami in the video clip below.

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A post in underwater360 does a great job of explaining what happens when you scuba dive in a tsunami. It explains that if you are out at sea at a depth of about 20 meters and 200 meters away form the shore, the effects of a tsunami would be barely noticeable.

Furthermore it is pointed out that the effects of a tsunami can vary between spinning currents, surging water in one direction or another , even up and down.  It is these types of extreme underwater movements that make divers vulnerable to many types of dangers as highlighted in the excerpt below.

Those dangers can be fatal, depending on how shallow or deep you are:

  • If you’re deep, a “washing machine” current can pull you up and down – and if you ascend too quickly, you’re at risk of the decompression sickness
  • With the water criss-crossing, it’s easy for your group to be broken apart. Disorientated and pulled by the current, you could end up losing your buddy
  • If you’re too close to powerful tsunami waves, you’re at risk of being dragged inshore onto hard land
  • Just like in drift diving – only much stronger and faster – there is the risk of crashing into underwater structures, being knocked unconscious or sustaining fatal blows


There are various stories of divers surviving large tsunamis here and there as luck would have it. Nonetheless, you really don’t want to be diving in a tsunami, its not a great place to be.

New Methods For Detecting Tsunamis

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