Scuba Assassins Culling Lionfish with A Glock [Video]

Scuba diver uses nontraditional method for culling the invasive lionfish at 100ft in the Gulf of Mexico.

His weapon of choice is a Glock 17 9mm equipped for underwater use.  I would consider this a drastic approach to reducing the population of lionfish.  However, this weapon of choice was actually the result of an experiment to determine if it is possible to shoot a gun at 100 ft underwater.

Culling Lionfish With a Glock
Images Source: YouTube Clips

Please keep in mind that these stunts were filmed with the supervision of licensed firearms professionals and it is recommended that you do not attempt to do this on your own.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

As we well know, lionfish are devastating to reef life.  An interesting statistic highlighted in the following video is that a single lionfish can consume up to 80% of a reefs edible baitfish within 5 weeks of its arrival.  They lay about 2 million eggs per year and have no natural predators. It is a common practice for spear-fishermen to cull them with spear guns in order to control their population growth. Besides, they are also very tasty fish.

See below for video of how this works out for them

As is seen in the following video everything seems to work out as planned.  However,  it really seams that spear-fishing is a much better choice for culling lionfish …. and for many reasons.

Watch the following video by Go-Fish Productions to see how this worked out.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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