Scary Shark Encounter At Mall Aquarium

Scary Shark Encounter - Aquarium Diving

Its just a mall aquarium … right? Well, a group of divers at the Dubai Mall aquarium get up real close with a huge shark.

Yes, when we think about aquarium dives we really don’t expect it to be a challenging experience in any respect. Especially for an aquarium located in a mall with wrap around windows with shoppers and stores in the background clearly visible.

That being said this group of divers almost go their scare of their lives in this close encounter with a huge shark staring them down with rows of gnarly teeth and no cage or separation between them. Furthermore, one of the divers recounts issues with his BCD having too much air and trying not to raise his arm to release excess air which might excite the shark.

It was a few minutes of fighting the urge to just take off … also the potential embarrassment of being challenged by the shark in front of mall-goers.

This video certainly ads a new perspective on aquarium diving. I wonder if they signed any type of release form?

One of the divers expressed his fear:

This shark obviously has the craziest teeth out of all the sharks in the tank so when he cut that corner and was in my face, my B hole puckered up quite a bit. He seemed like he was about 5 inches in front of me. I had a million thoughts going thru my head. At first was to take off, but instantly told myself no chance and dumb idea (I can’t out swim a shark). Next thought, hey look, there’s everyone watching, just waiting for that mauling lol. And of course I thought it was the end.

H/T “Shark Dive Dubai Aquarium – Close Encounter” YouTube Video by Its_Weebo

So, how do you think you would handle being in this situation?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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  • I think they did something to the sharks mouth to make it look more menacing . Very sad really. Animal rights groups need to get involved in this.

  • I'm curious about the flow rate/O2 of the water in there, it almost seemed like the poor creature was fatigued. I'm saying this, maybe blatantly incorrectly, and I am terrified of sharks, but do respect them.

    • Yes, I have to agree with you. Something seems to be off with that shark. A lot of followers are of the opinion that it isn't a real shark. I would guess its not oxygen levels tho.

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