Rescued Shark Attacks Diver [video]

There are times when, as a diver , you feel compelled to intervene with marine life out of compassion. However, there can be consequences.

Everyone understands that there is a natural thrill that comes with swimming with sharks.  Tyler, the scuba diver featured in the following clip, comes across a shark in distress.  The shark had a rope impaling its dorsal fin.  This condition was considered to be life threatening for the shark. Noticing the peril facing the shark, Tyler felt compelled to remove the rope.

Tyler really struggled and wrestled with the rope & shark to get close enough to remove it.  After several failed attempts to remove the rope he was finally able to finally remove it. However, not before the shark was able to turn back and bite him.  Fortunately Tyler’s injuries were not life threatening…. and it is easy to understand how the shark could have felt threatened by this ordeal enough to defend itself.

Watch how this ordeal turned out in the video clip below.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Apparently the shark was becoming more agitated and not prepared ready to be rescued.  In one of our previous posts a shark has the exact opposite disposition.  In the following video clip a shark in a very similar predicament seems to actually seek help from divers a group of divers.

You know, perhaps diving with an armored suit protect would have protected him like Cristina does as described in  our following post found here.

Watch the clip below to see a shark that actually allows divers to rescue it.

This video clip from our previous post (Shark Seeks help from divers)  illustrates how sharks  can be more docile than we would have otherwise thought.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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