Orcas Attacking Boats Sinking 3 – Now In The News

Orcas Sinking Boats Now In The News

Orcas attacking boats is now being covered by mainstream news now. A particular member of the pod named Gladis is now thought to be at the root of this problem.

Over the last few years, if you haven’t heard, orcas have been attacking boats off the coast of Portugal. These mammals a extremely intelligent and very powerful . They also have and experience all of the emotions that we do as human beings.

It is now thought that one of the pod members, named Gladis Blanca, is responsible for teaching other orcas how to attack sail boats. The theory is that perhaps she was injured by a sailboat and is taking out revenge.

What’s really troubling about all of this is the fact that this may remain a permanent practice within the pod, thereby putting sailboats at risk for the foreseeable future.

Watch the latest news NBC coverage about these attacking orcas in the clips below.

“Researchers debate why orcas are attacking and sinking boats” – YouTube video by NBC News

Coverage is now also carried by Good Morning America. Watch their coverage below.

“3 boats sunk after apparent coordinated orca attacks” – YouTube video by Good Morning America

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2, 3

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