Octopi & Squid … Can Be Vicious .. Divers Beware [Video]

Would you believe this .. giant pacific octopus is found feed on sharks.

Well, a giant pacific octopus is found to be the culprit  responsible for shark carcasses found in the tank.  Apparently in a giant pacific octopus has been feeding on the sharks in the aquarium.

The staff was able to capture amazing video of a pacific octopus’s capability to take down sharks.  This is rather unbelievable.

Octopus Eats Shark

According to Wikipedia:

Bottom-dwelling octopuses eat mainly crabs, polychaete worms, and other mollusks such as whelks and clams. Open-ocean octopuses eat mainly prawns, fish and other cephalopods. They usually inject their prey with a paralyzing saliva before dismembering it into small pieces with their beaks. Octopuses feed on shelled mollusks either by using force, or by drilling a hole in the shell, injecting a secretion into the hole, and then extracting the soft body of the mollusk.

Large octopuses have also been known to catch and kill some species of sharks. Seabirds have also been documented as prey.

Read the full Wikipedia article here

Watch this amazing video of a dogfish shark taken down by an octopus.

Although octopi and squid are known to be very intelligent animals, it is easy for divers take there cunning ability and strength for granted as this diver did with a bunch of humboldt squid. Click here to see what happened to a diver that decided to dive with a bunch of humboldt squid at the link below.

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