North Carolina Wreck’s Sand Tiger Sharks [video]

North Carolina’s coastline is often referred to as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”  due to the vast amounts of shipwrecks found here.

The shallow shoals found off of North Carolina’s coastline along with the treacherous seas of the Atlantic has contributed to the accumulation of thousands of wrecks over the past hundreds of years. These wrecks are far enough offshore to be bathed in the warm clear water of the Gulf Stream flowing from the Caribbean.  Offering a perfect shelter for marine life, these wrecks are now teaming with marine-life.

In the following video, Jonathan Bird, explores the wrecks off the coast of North Carolina in search of sharks.  He captures amazing footage of the vast marine life in and around the wrecks.  He also captures what he calls cleaver adaptions of sand tiger sharks such as hovering ( a rare trait for sharks) and hiding from small fish seeking the protection of proximity.

Watch Jonathan’s quest for sharks in the wrecks of North Carolina below.

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