Navy Dolphins Deployed In War on Ukraine

It seems that almost anything can be militarized these days. Dolphins, seals and various species of whales are being used for military purposes.

The use of navy dolphins seems like a theme for a James Bond movie, but unfortunately it is a reality. I came across the following information that describes how marine life has been, and is currently being used for military purposes.

This has become a hot topic today because it was recently discovered that Russia has deployed navy dolphins in the war on Ukraine.

The following video clip does a great job of explaining how and why marine life is being used by for military purposes..

“Putin Deploys Top Secret Attack Dolphins in War on Ukraine” – YouTube video by World Affiars

Russia is not alone in the use of marine life for military purposes. The US navy is also reported to also uses marine life for military purposes.

The following clip describes, in somewhat graphic detail, the use of marine life for military purposes.

“Military Dolphins: James Bonds of the Sea” – YouTube video by Skeptoid Media

Some of this stuff is really scary. You can read the full article here on

The gist of the story is that the use of dolphins in the navy started in the 1960s. The US Navy wanted to test the feasibility of using dolphins for military purposes. They did not want to rely on the animals to be effective in combat. Instead they wanted to train them to be effective in performing certain tasks. The navy was able to successfully train them to carry out different tasks such as locating mines and enemy submarines. They also were used to locate underwater objects.

Dolphins have been trained to locate mines. They can detect mines by sensing electromagnetic fields around them. They are also trained to find enemy submarines by detecting changes in water temperature and pressure. The navy also trains them to locate enemy submarines by using sonar. The sonar emits sound waves and the dolphins are trained to find the submarine by listening to the sounds.

The navy has also trained dolphins to locate underwater objects such as mines by sensing electromagnetic fields. Dolphins are also trained to locate enemy submarines by detecting changes in water temperature as well as changes in the water’s density.

These animals have been used for a variety of purposes in the past and still are being used today. There seems to be no end to the ways that these animals can be used for military purposes.

Read more for further details about today’s news here on

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