Mysterious Underwater Artwork Formations

These small fish turn out to be amazing artists.

Scuba Diver,  Yoji Ookata, came across what could be called works of art that resembled crop circles at about 80 feet below sea level off the coast of the southern tip Japan.

These works of art are geometric patterns that approach nearly 6 feet in diameter.

Underwater cameras were used to capture footage of the source of these patterns. what they found is that these works of art were created by tiny puffer fish as a a part of their mating routine.

Upon further investigation by scientists it was found that the geometric circles were used to attract a mate. The more ridges, the more likely a female  was to be attracted to mate and lay her eggs at its center.

See this amazing work of art being created in this video

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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