Megalodon Shark Tooth Diving For Big Money

Apparently there is big money to be made shark tooth diving if you find the right megalodon shark tooth.

In the following clip a group of divers are out in search of shark teeth. They have buyer that is offering $1 Million for an 8 inch shark tooth. So the quest is on to find the best megalodon tooth for big gains.

Naturally an 8 inch megalodon shark tooth would be an exceptional find. However, well preserved shark teeth of all sizes can command a decent amount of money.

This video brought to my attention a few things that surprised me about megalodon shark tooth hunting and the existence of the megalodon shark.

Megalodon teeth have been found and verified to be only 10,00 years old. These findings are well outside the range of the common extinction theory that the megalodon shark went extinct over 1.5 million years ago.

  • A place called Shark Tooth Hill near Bakersfield Ca. is loaded with megalodon teeth. People can dig up megalodon teeth ranging from 3 inches to over 6 inces in size. Furthermore, High quality 3inch megalodon teeth can fetch between $250- $500; 6+ inches fetch $300 – $800 and even some $10,000 per tooth. I guess its like digging for gold.
  • A single shark can bring in $1.9 Million in ecotourism over its lifetime .. wow

Watch a group of shark tooth hunters at work in search of that big find in the video below.

“Scuba Diving for $1,000,000 Dollar Shark Tooth! (Will We Find the Record Breaking Tooth?)” – YouTube video by DALLMYD

Hunting for the perfect megalodon shark tooth looks like a fun sport that can also be rather profitable if you are able to make good finds.

Have you ever gone or considered shark tooth hunting?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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