Loaded Narco-Sub Intercepted with 17k Lbs of Cocaine

Needless to say a lot of things happen at sea and sad to say, things like this are included among them.

I came across this incredible clip of a narco-sub being intercepted by the US Coast Guard where a crewman form the US Coast Guard Cutter USS Douglas Munro jumps onto teh sub in the middle of choppy seas. ( seen below)

So the US Coast Guard was patrolling international waters off the coast of Colombia when it came across whats called a semi-sub. These self propelled semi subs float partially underwater making them hard to find and capture.

These types of interceptions are rare , but this time was different. Apparently while on patrol teh Coast Guard just happened to spot the sub.

They seized more than 17,000 pounds of cocaine worth about $232 million.

The 3 minute clip of the event even gives spectators and adrenaline rush. I am impressed/surprised by the technology being used to get this stuff transported.

Watch a crewmen from the US Coast Guard jump onto fleeing narco-sub in Pacific Ocean this clip below.

“WILD RIDE | Coast Guard jumps onto fleeing narco-sub in Pacific Ocean” – YouTube Video by The Mob Reporter

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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