It is a Bobbit Worm [video]

Apparently Lorena Bobbit was the inspiration for the name given to the bobbit worm.

Bobbit worms have been called terrifying hunters that live in the the bottom of tropical seas.  The bobbit worm is a species of eunice that was apparently discovered and named by Dr. Terry Gosliner ( Sr. Curator for California Academy Of Sciences) in 1992.

Bobbit worms are marine worms that look like a creature to be found in a science fiction movie.  Bobbit worms have a with spiked glowing iridescent bodies and  a unique predatory style.  They aveage 3.3 ft in length , but have been known to grow upwards of 10 ft. The bobbit worm has massive jaws and the ability to rapidly clamp down on their prey as they drag it down beneath the sea floor to devour it.

  • Bobbit worms are predatory and will feed on anything that happens by.
  • Never touch a bobbit worm because they have many nerve damaging bristles which can  cause permanent nerve damage to you.
  • Bobbit worms are typically found at depths of  10m and 40m of the warmer ocean waters surrounding the Indo-Pacific.

Watch the video below for more details about this amazing marine animal.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Watch a bobbit worm in action in the following video

Images Source: Facebook

If you are interested … Trapula (YouTube) explains that bobbit worms are great as bait worms and demonstrates how to capture them.

See below for video about how to capture bobbit worms.

Catching bobbit worms requires a trap and a bit of patience.

Watch the following video below to see how Trapula captures a bobbit worm.

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