Is NASA On A Path That Leads To Ocean Exploration?

Imagine if NASA turned to ocean exploration. It just may be in the cards for the future.

Perhaps you never gave it a thought. So lets think about it a minute. Consider that over 80% of our underwater world has not been explored. In fact, we have spent more time on the surface of the moon than at some of the deepest and unexplored parts of our oceans.

Ok. Granted, ocean exploration is somewhat more difficult than space exploration due to the challenges of pressure variations and oxygen consumption. These issues, by and large, are not that complex in space. In space there are no pressure variations and the primary issue is delivering oxygen. The video clip below does a great job at explaining this.

Also worth consideration is the amount of money set aside for ocean exploration vs space exploration. Nasa has a budget of about $23B whereas ocean exploration is about $5b.

Watch this very informative explanations about the possibilities of NASA and ocean studies.

“What If NASA Explored The Ocean Instead? | Unveiled” – YouTube video by Unveiled

Thinking ahead a bit. NASA is experiencing great success with exploring other planets and their moons. Some of these celestial bodies are or contain aquatic worlds. Perhaps NASA’s curiosity for exploring these newly found aquatic worlds will prompt an interest for further exploration in our own oceans here on planet Earth.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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