Huge Great White Shark Breach Stuns News Cast (Video)

The footage of a monstrous great white shark breaching out of the water  is a very  scary experience.

Watch the reaction of this Australian news team as this footage of a huge great white shark breaching the surface shocks them speechless. The footage is kind of hilarious, but what would you reaction be if you were there when this happened.

Notice the shark cage in the foreground of the video clip.. i wonder if there were scuba divers in it yet. If not, I would like to know if they changed their mind about the cage diving for the day …. or maybe forever . Hummm.

Watch this video below.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

See below for the breaching shark video they were reacting to.

See how a team of scuba divers research these breaching great white shark’s aerial attacks  in the video below.

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