Huge Freshwater Ocean Discovered Under The Atlantic Ocean

Huge Fresh Water Subsea Reservoir Discovered

This can be a game changer. Scientists have recently discovered enormous amounts of fresh water hidden below our oceans.

As it turns out, our oceans are hiding enormous amounts of fresh water beneath the sea floor. This discovery of huge subsea reservoirs of fresh water kind changes our outlook on maintaining a sustainable source of fresh water.

It has been thought that only desalination would be the only viable method of getting fresh water from the sea. Who would have thought, in a million years, that oceans would be holding such a secret. The implication of this discovery are enormous.

According to scientists, the volume of water in this discovery is 100x greater than the total amount of water that we have extracted from the ground since 1900.

Watch this highly informative video below for more information about this discovery and what it means for us.

“Scientists Have Discovered an Enormous Fresh Water Ocean Hidden Under the Atlantic”- YouTube video by Facts Verse

Offshore Fresh Water Discovery Off Hawaii

On the topic of sub-sea fresh water, a treasure trove of freshwater was recently discovered that offers great hopes for the island of Hawaii and similar volcanic islands.

Hawaii and other island communities rely on collecting fresh water stored in the ground for drinking, irrigation and other commercial uses. This most recent discovery related to volcanic island geology is very promising.

The solution to Hawaii’s problem may lie in the islands’ unique geology. Using a new technique that relies on tracing electrical resistance, a team of geohydrologists has discovered a never-before-seen way the islands’ volcanic soil collects and hides away freshwater beneath the ocean’s salty surface.

Accessing this freshwater could give Hawai’i and other volcanic islands a more sustainable and future-proof solution to collecting water during times of need.


Watch the following video clip for more details . It summarizes the latest discovery on the island of Hawaii.

“Underground freshwater discovered in Hawaii, Raising hopes for other locations worldwide” – Youtube video by Eagle News

The implication of these discoveries are enormous. Let’s hope that we can manage them well.

Images Source: YouTube clips 1, 2

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