Huge Fish Bites Scuba Diver [Video]

As scuba divers, have you ever been bitten by a fish or other marine life?

Naturally when interacting with animals, marine or land based, there will be occasions where biting incidents occur. It is natural.  However, there are cases when such actions might be warranted.

Why is he playing with this fish? For a Photo-op?

As divers, we are well aware of the principle of not interfering with marine life. That is, we are just visitors in their natural habitat and to basically quietly observe them.  I am not sure what this diver was thinking though.  Long story short, this huge fish got tired of his shenanigans and took a snap at him….at which time the diver punches at the fish (reflex I guess).  Towards the end of this clip, you see the fish seemingly get into re-attack mode, but the diver and cameraman didn’t seem interested anymore.  Humm…

Watch this huge fish get at this diver. Also Notice how quickly the diver and cameraman leave the scene.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

If you think that this attack by a fish was provoked. Here is another case where a diver gets attacked. Was this attack by Humboldt squid provoked as well ( click to see)? You decide. 🙂

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[Updated 1/21/2021]


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  • diver jerk offs like that deserve everything they get. interacting with wild animals ends like that. try just looking and not petting the fish, you idiot.

    • Are you seriously that paranoid? Interacting with wild life is humanly. Get a life! And stop your hypocritic mocking, you must have interacted some day.

  • His motions to the camera operator riled the grouper, IMHO. Not that I think he should have been handling it. Maybe the grouper thought he was a cleaner, but got spooked by those gestures.

  • Groupers of all sizes are attracted to the color yellow. This diver is wearing yellow gloves. The grouper went after them. No surprise here.

  • Here's what really happened. That's a Jewfish, sorry 'Goliath Grouper' for you pc folks. This diver is a guide, and he feeds this fish every time he brings a group out. This time, he was a little slow with the treats, so the fish helped himself to the treat bag on the diver's BC.

    • Yet another stupid diver who cannot comprehend the simply rules. Do not feed the fish and do not touch the fish, Being a guide he should know better.

    • When diving the Red Sea while working in Saudi Arabia, we jokingly referred to a large one near a favorite wreck as a "Palestine Fish", because of the Kingdom's denial of the existence of Israel.

    • Same thing happened to me on Santa Rosa Reed in Cozumel 30 years ago. I was feeding Angel Fish scraps from the breakfast table when a, PC incorrect, "Jew Fish" that's what they we called back then, came up behind me and grab the bag in my other hand and would not let go. It decided to dive and took me along for the ride. Not sure just how far but the guide told me that a similar thing had happened recently and the guy had to take his knife and stab the fish in order for it to let go him. Fortunately, the only problem was a bleeding gash on my hand which had me, basically a newbie at the time, thinking that the sharks would be in to have their snack

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