Huge Aquarium Bursts – 1500 Fish Flood Lobby

Huge Aquarium Bursts - 1500 Fish Flood Lobby

Unimaginable: 1500 tropical fish flood the lobby causing total devastation.

As its is reported the huge 46-foot lobby tank at the Radisson Blu hotel in Berlin tank just exploded. This cause total chaos at the hotel. Over 300 guests were evacuated. The bursting aquarium sent shards of glass everywhere injuring two people..

The lobby was completely flooded athe lobby and streets with fish.

“Giant aquarium burst in Berlin spills 1 million liters of water | DW News” – YouTube video by DW News

The tank was the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium and was dubbed the “AquaDom,” which held 80 different types of tropical fish, including blue tang and clownfish — most of which are believed to have perished in the accident.

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Fortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any reports of human injuries as this occurred outside of busy hours. However, the fish didn’t fare as well. I certainly never ever considered aquarium tank failures as a serious possibility.

Watch the short video below for more background information about this aquarium tank burst.

“Giant Berlin hotel aquarium with 1,500 fish explodes – BBC News” – YouTube Clip by BBC News

It is believed that tank failure was due to material stress. And investigation is underway.

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