Haunted Wrecks – Paranormal Activity

Haunted Dive Sites apparently exist all over the world.

The following 10 haunted diving sites and wrecks were highlighted by paranormal-investigator Jamie Rousch in post on scubadiving.com

The list includes:

Location: Little Devil’s Eye and Devil’s Ear Caves, Ginnie Springs, Florida. It is believed that a vortex like force exists inside the cave that many folks disoriented.

Wreck: RMS Rhone
Location: Salt Island, British Virgin Islands. Divers report seeing people without scuba gear frantically swimming for the surface. However, they disappear upon approach.

Wreck: S.S. Thistlegorm
Location: The Red Sea, Egypt Divers report seeing shadowy figures aboard the wreck and hearing machinery running

Wreck: S.S. Andrea Doria
Location: Nantucket, Massachusetts Divers say they see apparitions in heir peripheral vision and they have the sensation  of being touched on their arms and legs.

Wreck: Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant (“Giant”)**
Location: Sardinia, Italy Here Divers say they see a flight crew in the cockpit of the WWII military aircraft.

Read the full story here on scubadiving.com

Images Source: scubadiving.com


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