Great White Sharks Should Fear These

Great White Sharks Should Fear These

Great white sharks might be considered apex predators. However, there are a number of animals that great whites should avoid.

We all tend to think of great white sharks as being indestructible. Well, it looks like this thought may be more of a myth than a fact. As it turns out there are a number of animals of the sea as well as shoreline dwellers of the sea that great whites should avoid at all costs.

The video clip below puts the “apex-ness” of great white sharks in proper perspective. The video also does a great job at explaining the implications of physiological and psychological factors of a great white’s would be opponents.

Watch the clip below to see how great white sharks stack up against sperm whales, giant squid, orcas, hippopotamuses and salt water crocodiles.

“5 Animals That Could Defeat a Great White Shark” – YouTube video by WildCiencias

This video is very informative and certainly expanded my awareness of possible opponents for great white sharks and how they would fare. However, it did not cover the fact that great white sharks are no match to dolphins.

I guess the designation of apex predator depends on the scope of observation (circumstances).

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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