Great White Shark Tracker Shows Shark Activity In The NE Atlantic Coast

OCEARCH’s shark tracker is an amazing technology that enables us to track the movements of great white sharks as well as other marine-life.

Lately, signals from large groupings of great white sharks swimming off the coast of North Carolina/South Carolina have been observed. OSEARCH started tagging sharks in 2008 for research purposes.

It is believed that healthy food supplies and temperate water are the major contributing factors to the arrival of great white sharks of the coast of the Carolinas in such numbers.

Click on the map below to go to the shark tracker.

OCEARCH Shark Tracker
OCEARCH Shark Tracker

As we know, sharks are migratory and spend some of their migratory time in the Northwest Atlantic Shared Foraging Area (NASFA) particularly during the winter. Its noting unusual, but earlier this year the tracker noticed that large numbers of great sharks had began congregating/lingering around the US southeast coast.

Sharks have been tracked as far north as Nova Scotia in Canada and as far south as Florida in the U.S. but most spend at least some of their time in the Northwest Atlantic Shared Foraging Area (NASFA). The region extends from Cape Hatteras in North Carolina to Cape Canaveral in Florida and is favored for its unique climate and abundant food stock.


Naturally these great white sharks wont be lingering around the Carolinas for long, but you can keep track of their movements by visiting OCEARCH’s shark tracker.

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Images Source – Terry Goss

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