Great White Shark Eaten Whole – Explained

Great White Shark Eaten Whole - Explained

Scientists reveal the truth about what happened to a 9 foot great white shark that was eaten whole by another animal.

This is a shark mystery baffled many researchers for years. As the story goes, according to Australian scientists a tagged 9ft. great white shark was eaten whole. Its tagging device was found, days later, two and a half miles from its original tagging location.

The data recorded by the tagging device indicated that the shark(device) dropped to a depth of 1,9oo ft. and experienced a temperature increase in temperature from 46 – 78 degrees Fahrenheit and remaining at that temperature for 8 days.

Watch this intriguing video explanation. Its very informative and a bit entertaining as well.

“Giant Great White Shark Eaten By MONSTER Mystery Finally Solved”- YouTube video by BE AMAZED

It looks like the most likely culprit appears to be some kind of giant squid. I will bet that is a scenario you never thought about.

Watch the following video for additional insights below.

“Scientists Reveal The Truth About The Great White Shark That Was Eaten By Something Much Bigger” – YouTube video by Unexplained Mysteries

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