Friendly Seal Falls In Love With Scuba Diver (Video)

When scuba diving you can never predict what will happen with underwater wildlife.

Gary Grayson’s encounter with a group of Atlantic grey Seals proves this point to a tee. While scuba diving in the Scilly Islands a group of curious seals passed by and of course there is nothing very unusual about that.  However, a very playful seal would not let Gary go without a belly rub.

Although this type of interaction with marine life seems innocent and playful it could also lead to unpredictable  and possibly dangerous outcomes.

Watch Gary’s encounter with these seals .. they are amazingly playful.

Seals can be very curious and highly interactive to the point where they just cant be avoided as shown in the following video clips..

I mean who can resist, but try to stick to the no touch rule anyway, if you can.

Have you come across any curious seals on any of your dives?

Images Source: YouTube Clips1,2,3

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