A Friendly Killer Whale & The No-Touch Rule Dilemma [Video]

The no-touch rule is put to test in the following story by an amazing relationship that develops between Locals and a loving killer whale.

A killer whale named Luna was separated for years from its pod at an early age.  He lived in separation for  nearly 6 years in in Nootka Sound.  Over this time he developed an extreme love for  interacting with humans.  The human/whale bonding with Luna was so captivating that it drew a lot of attention from locals as well as environmentalists.

The following video chronicles the different approaches taken to protect Luna from the perceived dangers of human interaction.  As described in the video below, all types of measures were taken crack this bond.

Watch the following video clip that chronicles this amazing friendship.

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Luna – The Documentary

Below is an amazing documentary about Luna that s quite worth watching.

“Documentary: The Whale” – YouTube video by orcas ocean

Amazing story .

Images Source: YouTube Clips, 2

[updated 2/24/22]

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